Authenticity Over Positivity

Positive thinking is the by-product of a decision to see life and the world around you in a different light. I remember the first time I was introduced to “positive thinking” (as if it was an esoteric experience lol). I was in Chicago at a company seminar with about 3,000 people. There was a man named Nick speaking on stage and his words took me to a very unfamiliar place.

It was as if he was reading my thoughts – the thoughts I had often struggled to put into words because of some major voids in my life. Kind of like having a puzzle and trying to put it together but you’re missing a lot of the pieces. Nick was speaking those pieces out for me that afternoon in the Windy City. As I write this, I’m taken back to that day. It was surreal. Seeds were planted that day that have and will continue to mold the rest of my life.

So my point is that we are not without positive thinking and positivity, we are not voided of these outlooks at birth. We recognize them like a familiar face you haven’t seen in years. That day in Chicago I was in awe as I stood there as if I was trying to put a name to a face of a long lost friend. We are all connected as human beings and if one of us experiences something, it’s now apart of who we are whether we are conscious of it or not.

With that being said, positivity is a muscle that we must work out and train. It is a mandatory ingredient for anyone seeking the real meaning of life. You may be there right now, maybe not. Perhaps you’re first encounter along your journey of change was a different mandatory ingredient. There is no right or wrong process in my opinion. As long as you seek, you shall find.

At this point along my personal journey, the importance and meaning of living authentically means more than positivity. Although the two run hand in hand, they are completely different. Understanding the differences now and applying the two in whichever way your heart guides you is what’s important. The way my mind breaks down concepts and beliefs has to be different from the way you do. Life as we know it depends of this. That is what encourages evolution of our universe and our understanding of life. This is the foundation of authenticity.

I used to confuse positivity with simply wanting to please everyone. If everyone around me liked me and agreed with me (or me agreeing with them), if there were no feathers ruffled, I felt that was aligning with positivity – everything in sync and flowing together. The problem with this is that creativity (creation) is nonexistent. There were several years that passed by where I didn’t listen to my heart. The heart is what speaks to us and places ideas into our conscious mind. If we aren’t listening, those opportunities fade away and the world is impacted because of it.

As people, we are inclined to conform and fit in with those around us. We want to blend in.

Do you think this allows for creativity? Of course not. Instead, we find ourselves playing follow the leader, never looking past the head of the man in front of us. We play small and in return, live small, think small, and act small. Positive or not. What is it worth to see the good only to never inspire more good? The ideas placed in our hearts by divine power are meant to be acted upon for the well being of everyone. We are all connected.

Positivity = You   (H.S. Diploma)

Authenticity = Everyone   (Doctorates Degree)

What does living an authentic life mean to me?

  • Making the decision to not die with my music still inside my heart.
  • Accepting the fact that not everyone is going to feel “positive” about what I have to say, what I believe in, or what I have been called to do.
  • Realizing that having the courage to follow my heart has nothing to do with it. Courage is a feeling we experience when we set forth on a journey with inevitable resistance. Living and leading an authentic life and following my heart is simply a responsibility of mine. It’s what I’ve been called to do as part of the team. There is no resistance is living an authentic life. It’s as freeing as a slow flowing river current guiding an unmanned canoe down the path.
  • Understanding that there are no such thing as set backs or failures, only opportunities to learn the lessons I will need for upcoming challenges. I call them “cheat sheets” – I loved them in school, I love them in life.
  • Never looking to another human to determine what my heart is telling me.
  • Remaining humble enough to ask another human for counsel, accountability and prayer.
  • Staying focused enough to know the difference between the two above bullet points and mature enough to know when to apply either of them.
  • Knowing there is no set destination, no stopping point. Life is infinite as is my journey.
  • Spiritual consciousness is my most important study.


I hope this finds you open and willing to meditate on some of the thoughts about living an authentic life. There is much more insight and information to be shared on this subject and I will certainly do so with upcoming blog posts. Please be sure to subscribe to our updates with your email address.

Love. Be. Create.


Have a great day!!


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