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MLM Lesson from a Baby

mlm baby steps, network marketing training

Work like a 7 month old baby.

Being a father of 4 children brings about enough lessons to fill a library.

Madilyn, my 7 month old daughter, has been crawling, pulling herself up on furniture and and pushing herself to the limits the past month or so. More than anything right now, she is falling down and falling over. Now, at 7 months old, I can tell you she hasn’t been reading any Tony Robbins or any other self-help books. No one has drilled into her the importance of perseverance. It’s literally human nature for her to get right back up and give it another shot. As babies, we don’t settle. Hmm… Then we grow up and all of a sudden status-quo and conformity sounds great and we settle for poverty and a 60 in flat screen TV. Isn’t that interesting?

Fall seven times, stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb

What’s the lesson of this post? What’s the secret to success? I will tell you right now. It’s standing back up as fast as you can.

Why isn’t the lesson, “Keep going no matter what”? – Because that statement is lacking reality. You’re going to fall/fail.

Why isn’t the lesson, “You’re going to fall but get back up and keep going”? – Because the magnitude of your success doesn’t rest on the fact that you got back up, it is all about how fast you got back up. Quit screwing around and JUMP back up – mentally, spiritually and physically.

Why isn’t the Japaneses Proverb listed above worded “You’ll fall once or twice, and when you do, stand back up’? – Because anyone with any bit sense knows that life doesn’t throw two curve balls at someone destined for greatness. That would be like only signing off on two inspections out of 100 on a massive cruise ship before it leaves the harbor and ships out. Typically, nothing easily obtained is worth it. In order to reach your desired level of success, you’ve got to be battle tested, life experience educated, and equipped with a thick skin. Fall seven times, and stand up eight times – as quick as you can!

Speed creates momentum. Momentum creates a whirlpool.

Have you ever been in a swimming pool with a couple friends and made a whirlpool? In the pool you walk/run as fast as you can in a big circle. Within a minute or two, you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to because hundreds of gallons of water is rushing in a circle. Momentum and inertia, they are your best friends in network marketing.

The faster you get up from your first fall/failure, the quicker you jump back into that running circle with your buddies in the pool. The faster the whirlpool zips around the pool the harder it is going to be for you to even fall/fail. It will get to a point to where you’re falling/failing and don’t even realize it happening because the speed in which you’re performing. You will subconsciously stop looking at a falling/failure as a reason to stop, cry, and want to quit. Instead, falling/failure will be looked at as an incredible opportunity to grow on the fly and to unlock opened doors. You will be communicating better, learning more, and moving faster. The odds of you finding success at that point, is damn near inevitable. Damn near. There are always exceptions to every rule.

Madilyn hasn’t stopped falling for a month straight. I’d guess a 100-200 times a day.

What’s stopping you? Preconceived notions as to how you thought success plays out? I’ll leave you with this lesson I learned from the book “Go For No” by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz. We tend to think success looks like this:


In the above “visual” it’s showing how we think we’re either going to succeed or fail. We are either going left or right. There is no gray area and once we’ve arrived at either destination, that will be our final resting place.

Below, I will show you what success actually looks like.


The above “visual” shows that in order to reach your desired level of success you have to go through failure. There is no avoiding failure. Failure doesn’t feel good usually but that’s where all the gold is hidden. It is in failure that the lessons surface and show us the “hints” to get to our next destination on our journey to success. Without those hints, we are tricked into thinking success is poverty and a 60 inch flatscreen TV.


I’m sure glad Madilyn isn’t throwing in the towel now on this whole standing/walking deal! She is continuing to learn as we speak on what it takes to reach her desired level of success. That level for her will change as time goes on, as will yours.

Have a great day folks and as always, thank you for stopping by.


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